1. Emily

    Portland, OR

    summer 2013

    (Source: wizardsblood)

  2. outtake from raven zoe’s shoot last september

  3. ravenzoe:

    It’s here. My first music video for “Hesitated Remixed”!

    iTunes Bandcamp Spotify Amazon

    Special thanks to Dani & Leah from Occulist Productions for making this music video for me. http://occulist.com 

    And of course thanks to Maxton for remixing my song “Perfume” http://infinitefreefall.com

    visuals for Raven’s new EP! check it out 

  4. It’s interesting how some of my favorite photos I’ve taken are from my phone. There’s something about the accessibility/spontaneity about taking pictures on my phone that isn’t quite the same as having a camera strapped around my shoulder.

    If you use instagram, you should check out mine @daniransom

  5. Maze Koroma - Caroline

    brought to you by Occulist

  6. ZOO ? - Nobody Loves a Genius Child

    brought to you by Occulist

  7. I co-own a production company that just launched called Occulist

    Expect more videos to come, this is the YouTube version of High Society’s “You Dead (Kork’d)” [[there’s a Vimeo link floating around on tumblr too]]

  8. Coronagraph.

    best in HD full screen


  9. maze

    portland, or

    november, 2013

  10. ryan

    portland, oregon

    november 2013