1. rework of published photos in der greif

  2. ethan

    portland, OR

    august 2014

  3. ethan

    portland, OR

    august 2014

  4. leah

    SE industrial - portland, or


  5. Graffiti in Portland is really interesting because the cops typically don’t beat the living hell out of you if you’re caught like they would in NY or Chicago, but as soon as it’s up it gets painted over. So there’s just these giant square blocks of paint all over warehouses of industrial SE Portland and no one understands why these giant paint slabs are better to look at than street art. This is one hasn’t been hit yet.

    portland, oregon

    may, 2014

  6. josh

    portland, or

    may, 2014

  7. color study

    may, 2014

  8. outtake from raven zoe’s shoot last september

  9. ravenzoe:

    It’s here. My first music video for “Hesitated Remixed”!

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    Special thanks to Dani & Leah from Occulist Productions for making this music video for me. http://occulist.com 

    And of course thanks to Maxton for remixing my song “Perfume” http://infinitefreefall.com

    visuals for Raven’s new EP! check it out 

  10. It’s interesting how some of my favorite photos I’ve taken are from my phone. There’s something about the accessibility/spontaneity about taking pictures on my phone that isn’t quite the same as having a camera strapped around my shoulder.

    If you use instagram, you should check out mine @daniransom